1963 Londoner.  Dyslexic left hander. 

Grew up on 70’s marvel comics and punk.  Making jewellery at seventeen.

Central School of Art and Design. 

Heavy enameller/Gemstone obsessed.

L.A - Maxfield, Hollywood icons.

Sold via Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Liberties.  

First solo shop and studio in east London, Huguenot Spitalfields.

Goldsmith and craftsman, designer and creator.  Gem hunter.

True and precious ~ Affiliate of one of a kind.

Bespoke . Discrete . Private . 

35 years of knowledge and experience. 

Distills a lifetime of jewellery passion to timeless classic jewellery.

Soft curve and geometric future vision. 

Cabochon lover with a star burst / Super nova deep space Opal. 

Colour perfect mis matched. A Studio 54 echo chamber.